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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Investors who combined gold and silver

Investors who combined gold and silver ownership have seen 100% returns versus 38% in gold.
Two years ago on April 13, 2009 we asked investors to consider diversifying and recommended buying gold and silver in equal amounts. At that time gold was $1,039 per ounce and silver was $14.33.
Investors were asked to buy an equal dollar amount one ounce of gold and 72 ounces of silver.
Those who bought 2 ounces of silver invested $2,078 and have seen that investment rise to $2,873 an increase of approximately 38%
Investors who bought equal amounts of gold and silver have seen their $2,078 investment grow to $4,148.17 around a 100% gain.
Prices based on gold $1,436.65 and silver $37.66

Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Silver Canadian Grizzly Bear 1 oz .9999 pure silver

2011 Silver Canadian Grizzly Bear 1 oz .9999 pure silver

These magnificent new silver bullion coins are an extension of the Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf Program. This is the second coin in a 6-coin series being released over the next 3 years; Each new coin will have a wildlife theme. The Grizzly Bear design by William Woodruff. The design depicts a growling Grizzly Bear alongside water with magnificent wildlife scenery behind it. The maximum mintage is 1 million coins making them 30 more rare than an American silver eagle. They are more pure than an eagle at .9999 fine silver and have a legal tender face value 5 times than an silver eagle. These coins are in high demand with bullion buyers and collectors worldwide.