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Friday, August 31, 2012

Chairman Bernanke’s Jackson Hole discourse is minutes away

The moment of truth is upon us as Chairman Bernanke’s Jackson Hole discourse is minutes away. Investors have been anticipating, for weeks, that Mr. Bernanke will discuss further quantitative easing measures as he has done in the past. However, recent economic data and the developments in Europe have given many reason to believe that QE3 will remain in the Feds back pocket…at least until the next FOMC meeting in September. European Central Bank president Mario Draghi will not be in attendance has the ECB prepares for their meeting on September 6th where it is widely expected that Mr. Draghi will outline a bond buying program in the region. For now, all we can do is wait. The precious metals are trading higher ahead of the speech with Gold up nearly .5%, platinum up 1% and palladium up more than 1.25%. Thin trading conditions have been the norm for the entire week and could give way to sharp movements in either direction as the speech unfolds.  Have a great day and a safe Labor Day weekend!

What is silver bullion?

What is silver bullion

Silver bullion is silver in the form of bars, coins, ingots or rounds. The best known silver coins are silver Eagles, Maple Leafs, Kookaburras and Britannia's. But not all silver bullion coins are created equal, and buyers must be aware of the differences to make educated purchases. Not all coins are struck to the same fineness. Also while some silver bullion coins have unlimited mintages, others offer smaller numbers and sometimes higher prices. The lowest cost way to buy silver bullion is in the form of silver bars and silver rounds. Many investors prefer rounds over bars because they are minted in the form of a coin and offer greater flexibility when it comes time to sell your silver. If you buy a one-hundred ounce silver bar you are restricted to selling the entire one hundred- ounces at one time. Whereas if you bought one-hundred one ounce silver rounds you have the greater flexibility of selling any number of rounds at anytime.

Westminster Mint offers a wide selection of the most popular silver bullion items including government issue, privately minted and brand-name products. All of the items we offer are internationally recognized. Our privately minted silver bars and rounds begin as silver grain bought directly from a refinery or as COMEX deliverable 1,000 ounce bars. The silver grain is delivered to us in sealed buckets. Each bucket is accompanied by an assay certificate attesting to its purity. The silver we receive is .999 pure or better. The industrial silver bars we buy are also sent directly from refiners and each bar is hallmarked stamped with its weight and purity.

We melt silver grain in batches of ten thousand-ounces at temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees where it turns into liquid. The silver is then poured into billet molds which hold eight-hundred ounces and then is extruded into strips. The strips are rolled to the precise thickness of the silver bars or silver rounds being struck. Each blank bar or round is individually weighed and cleaned before it is struck into a finished bar or round. Each item is individually hallmark stamped with its exact weight and purity.

Refinery sealed barrels of .999 silver grain being unloaded

Sacks of silver grain with Assay certificates


33,000 ounces of silver on its way to be melted down and transformed into silver rounds

10,000 ounces of silver being melted at 1600 degrees until it turns to liquid
Silver being poured into eight hundred ounce billet molds 

Rolls of silver from the billet moulds ready to be extruded 
Silver rounds being struck five hundred rounds per minute

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jackson Hole symposium is losing some luster

It appears as though the heavily anticipated Jackson Hole symposium is losing some luster as key figures from the European Central Bank have decided not to attend and more economic data lends support to the notion that QE3 will remain in the Fed’s back pocket on Friday. ECB President Mario Draghi has pulled out of attendance due to the fact that he is scheduled to release details of a bond buying program, aimed at helping struggling peripheral economies in the euro region, in about a week’s time. Earlier this morning, a revised estimate of U.S. second-quarter GDP growth showed the economy grew by 1.7% as opposed to the 1.5% previously reported. While that doesn’t necessarily rule out that QE3 could happen, it doesn’t exactly give Chairman Bernanke more reason to push the stimulus button when he speaks on Friday. The precious metals complex remains relatively unchanged from yesterdays close. However, thin trading conditions amid anticipation of Friday’s events could potential cause wide trading ranges as investors position themselves heading into the end of the week. Pending home sales data and the Beige Book are on tap for today. Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Friday’s Jackson Hole symposium

The precious metals complex is under pressure this morning as hopes for more central bank action seem to be waning ahead of Friday’s Jackson Hole symposium. Gold had dropped ~$25 from yesterday’s close and has since clawed its way back to the $1670 level…still nearly .5% in the red. Platinum is trading down ~$30 from yesterday’s  close while palladium is down more than $10. Sentiment regarding further Fed stimulus was boosted by last week’s release of July’s FOMC meeting minutes. However, mixed signals from inside the Fed camp as well as economic data, both domestic and global, are leading many to believe the overall situation may not be definitively bad enough to warrant a third round of QE. Spanish short-term bond yields fell to .946% from 2.434% indicating that tensions in the Eurozone are calming a bit. The most recent auction helped push the Euro through the $1.25 mark. A more telling sign of relative stability in the Eurozone is the fact that Spain’s benchmark 10-year yields are holding steady at 6.40% - not great but then again it’s not getting any worse. Here in the U.S. the Case Shiller 20-city Home Price Index showed prices rising in all of the cities analyzed. August consumer confidence data is set for release at 10 am EST. Have a great day!

Monday, August 27, 2012


It’s the perfect combination – the world’s most popular silver coin … from America’s most famous Mint.  But it was never meant to happen, and it may never happen again. Due to unprecedented demand, the U.S. Mint re opened the Silver Eagle coin presses in San Francisco in 2012. This could be your only chance to own this amazing new “emergency” San Francisco coin. But you can’t order direct from the Mint. The 2012 “San Francisco” Silver Eagle is available only through offers like this.

Premium quality coins are graded on a point system from a low of 60 to a high of 70, with 70 representing absolute perfection. Certain MS70 coins are highly sought after by collectors and have been amongst the largest price gainers during the past 20-years. Previously issued low mintage Silver Eagles certified perfect MS70 by PCGS now sell for thousands of dollars above their issue price.  A few examples being the: 1986 MS70 Silver Eagle $4,000, 1988 MS70 Silver Eagle $6,000, 1995 MS70 Silver Eagle $4,000 and the 1997 MS70 Silver Eagle $3,000

Friday, August 24, 2012

September Newsletter

This newsletter highlights several new exciting collecting opportunities for readers on almost any budget!

The Australian Kookaburra is one of the world’s longest running and best selling silver coin series. Issued annually by the Perth Mint since 1990, the annual design changes and low mintage of 300,000 coins have made them a hit worldwide. Silver Kookaburras are one of the few coins that are popular with both silver bullion investors and coin collectors. The Perth Mint has just released the first in an annual new series of “High-Relief” Kookaburras struck on piedfort coin blanks (extra-thick coins). A tiny limited edition of just 10,000 coins has been struck ensuring these coins will be in high demand for years to come as the series progresses!

We have secured the very best coins from this important new series for our readers. NGC has certified the coins in the highest grade of PF70 Ultra Cameo. They also have “Early Releases” status - coins received by NGC during the first 30 days of release.

The one-ounce pure silver dollars are the first-ever Ultra High Relief Kookaburra Piedfort Proofs from the Perth Mint. The coins are struck in ultra high-relief on a concave, extra-thick coin blank called a piedfort. The coins measure 32.60 mm in diameter and are 6 mm thick. Each coin has a frosted cameo Proof finish. The design shows a single laughing kookaburra perching on a branch in a eucalyptus tree. Each coin is hallmark stamped guaranteeing the weight and .999 silver purity and bear the famous P for Perth mintmark.

Silver Kookaburras are one of the most recognized silver coins in the world. Supplies of the best coins certified perfect PF70 are scarce and in high demand.

       . First coin released in a new annual series – Many  collectors consider first year of issue
         coins to be  the key to the series!

       . Tiny mintage of 10,000 coins – Edition size is one of the most important factors in
          determining the value of a collectible coin.

In 2006, as part of the twentieth anniversary of the silver eagle program, the U.S. Mint issued a new silver eagle struck on specially burnished/satin finish coin blanks. The coins were a bullion strike but had a different sheen and finish than any other previously issued silver eagle. These coins also hold the unique distinction of being the first bullion strike coins to have an identifying mintmark showing where they were manufactured. Their unique appearance, the W for West Point mintmark and a low mintage of just 470,000 coins made them an instant hit with collectors. Due to high demand, the mint struck additional coins in 2007 and 2008. However, no burnished/satin finish coins were struck in 2009 and 2010 due to a shortage of silver at the mint as silver prices roared towards the $50 mark! Production of burnished/satin finish silver eagles resumed in 2011, and the 2012 coin was just released in August. Because of the unique nature of these coins, a new grading term has been adopted by ANACS, NGC and PCGS called “specimen”. The highest grade SP70 is defined as a coin having no post –production imperfections under 5x magnification. The certified populations of silver eagles are far lower than for mint state and Proof strike coins. The key date 2006, 07 and 08 coins will be in high demand for years to come as the series progresses. Here is your chance to get the first five coins in the series in the highest certified grade possible.

Consider this! Around five million people collect American silver eagles but less than five hundred of them could ever hope to complete this nine piece set! When silver eagles were introduced in the 1980’s and 90’s, the independent third party grading of modern coins was in its infancy. The market for certified modern issue coins presented in “slabs” became dynamic after the release of the first Statehood Quarters in 1999 and due to events surrounding Y2K! Silver eagles certified PR70 and issued prior to the year 2000 are extremely scarce. For example, NGC has only certified 405 Proof 70 silver eagles struck at the San Francisco Mint in 1987. The coins list for $1,200. PCGS has only certified 268 of the 1988 coins in Proof 70, and they list for $750 each. A Proof 70 coin is defined as having no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification! This could be your last chance to acquire one of these sets.

In addition to this rare set, we are also offering the new 2012 Proof and Reverse Proof coins as a 2-piece set. Released in August, they are the first S mint Proof coins since 1992 and the first-ever Reverse Proof coins issued with an S mintmark. These two-piece sets can be bought separately in either ANACS, NGC or PCGS holders. Call your representative for prices and availability.

Millions of people collect Morgan silver dollars. They are collected by date, mintmark and condition. Whichever way people collect them, they will usually make room in their collections for pedigree coins originating from a certified Morgan dollar hoard. Throughout history there has been surprisingly few significant hoards, meaning demand for the coins has always been abundant. The most recognizable Morgan dollar hoards are the Redfield, Binion, Cal Neva and GSA hoards. Now collectors can add coins from the Montana hoard to their collections. The Montana hoard is one of the best ever to emerge from the “Wild West” and could be the last silver dollar hoard of its kind. We were fortunate to secure the very best coins from this hoard certified MS62. To date, no coins attributed to this hoard have been certified in a higher grade. We have also cherry-picked the coins with the lowest certified populations for your consideration. In some cases less than fifty coins of a particular date or mintmark exist. Each coin is housed in an ANACS certified holder that has special labeling guaranteeing the coins originate from the Montana hoard. We have priced each coin at just $149. Supplies are extremely limited. A selection of dates and mintmarks are listed below.

Struck-through errors occur when foreign objects fall between the die and the coin blank during striking. These foreign objects are usually pieces of cloth, metal fragments, grease, oil, dirt or wire bristles from brushes used to clean dies that resemble staples. The most collectible struck-through errors are those with the foreign object still embedded in the surface of the coin. Coin dies at the West Point Mint are covered with a thin sheet of plastic similar to “Saran Wrap” to protect them from dust, contact marks and other environmental damage. In the coining room, this thin sheet of plastic is removed in preparation for the dies to be placed in the coining chamber to strike coins. Due to its nature, the plastic will sometimes stick to the die face itself as the sheet is lifted up. When it is then placed in the coinage chamber, it will produce a struck through coin – generally leaving a shiny area where the plastic itself covered the die. After the first coin is struck, the piece of plastic will fall off the die onto the floor. What makes this coin so exceptional is that it comes with the original piece of plastic with the image of the coin embedded into it. This coin would be a rare and valuable addition to almost any coin collection.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yesterday’s heavily anticipated release of the FOMC’s July meeting minutes are

Yesterday’s heavily anticipated release of the FOMC’s July meeting minutes are leading many to believe that further quantitative easing is on the way. The sluggish U.S. economy coupled with global economic headwinds seem to be giving the Fed ever more reason to push the QE3 button. As a result the precious metals complex continues its push higher with gold hitting just shy of $1670 after closing yesterday’s session at $1640. The yellow metal is currently trading at $1668. Platinum is off its high of $1560, now at $1543, as some profit taking has crept in but the situation in South Africa remains tense lending support to the white metal at these levels. U.S. initial jobless claims rose an unexpected 4,000 filings last week, underscoring the continued weakness in U.S. employment, a key element in the Fed’s decision to further stimulate the economy. Data released today showed Chinese manufacturing is shrinking. Chinese PMI hit a 9-month low of 47.8 as conditions in the Eurozone and the U.S. take their toll on Chinese exports to those regions. Greek Prime Minister Samaras meets with more key Eurozone officials today as he continues to push for a two-year extension of Greece’s bailout program. Have a great day!

Titanic 1 oz Silver Bullion Rounds

Titanic 1 oz Silver Bullion Rounds

The RMS Titanic was the mother of all ships a floating palace  nearly 900 feet long and 11 stories high. She set sail from Southampton, England. To New York on April 10th 1912. The Titanic was “Unsinkable”, designed to stay afloat for up to three days under any scenario. However, she took less than three hours to sink of the coast of newfoundland in a story we all know. Interest in the event and the stories of the passengers has never waned. A century later the story still stirs us and is the subject of countless books, films and documentaries. Demand from collectors is so high that several world mints have produced 100th Anniversary coins. Silver bullion investors now have an opportunity to buy a low priced pure silver tribute to this historic event in the form of these magnificent one ounce silver rounds.

 Silver bullion rounds are the perfect way to buy silver. They are easily bought, sold, stacked, stored and counted. We offer mint fresh beautifully struck, one ounce silver rounds. These lustrous rounds measure 39mm in diameter and contain one ounce of .999 fine silver. They are hallmark stamped with their exact weight and purity. Nationally recognized by all silver bullion and coin dealers, rounds are ideal for first time buyers and seasoned investors alike.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The precious metals complex continues to push higher as anticipation

The precious metals complex continues to push higher as anticipation grows on a number of different fronts. In the U.S., the Fed will release the meeting minutes from its July meeting at 2:00 PM EST today. Although quantitative easing remained in Chairman Bernanke’s back pocket following the last FOMC meeting, investors will sift through the documents to see if Jackson Hole will be more than just a boondoggle. As mixed economic data continues to feed market confusion, it’s hard to believe that the U.S. is in any worse shape than it was in July.  Existing home sales data for July will be released at 10:00 AM EST today and is expected to show an increase from June. That should squash any hopes of QE3…at least until the next batch of economic reports. Meanwhile, the possibility of an ECB bond buying program, to ease dangerously high interest rates in Spain and Italy, continues to ease sovereign debt angst. The situation out of Greece threatens to destabilize the region but for now Prime Minister Antonis continues his dog and pony show as he pushes for a two-year extension of Greece’s bailout program. In South Africa, the situation is far from improving as yet another mine was in receipt of demands for wage increases and miners at another platinum producer were being blocked from their job site. Tensions in South Africa’s mining region remain high following last week’s violence that hit just outside of Lonmin’s Marikana mine. Platinum has reached as high as $1526 after closing yesterday’s session at $1505. The white metal now trades at $1522 but could test fresh highs should the situation in South Africa deteriorate. Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Silver Bullion

We offer you a wide variety of the best silver bullion investments in the United States at consistently low prices. All items are in stock and ready to ship. Our silver bullion product line includes government guaranteed, brand name and hallmark stamped private issue coins, bars, rounds and ingots. We offer current and prior year American silver eagles, Maple Leafs and Philharmonics in bullion and Proof condition. Silver bars in all sizes 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 25 oz, 50 oz, 100 oz and 1,000 ounces. Silver bullion coins, rounds and ingots. All of our .999 silver bullion rounds and private label silver bullion bars are hallmarked stamped with their exact weight and purity and are guaranteed first strike mint fresh product. We offer fast shipment and will buy back your silver investments at any time at attractive rates.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

The summer is drawing ever closer to an end

The summer is drawing ever closer to an end and as investors get in those last minute vacations the markets are on course to continue the slow grind seen over the past week. Low trading volumes here in the U.S. and subdued concerns in the Euro zone are today’s, if not this week’s, theme. The Fed meeting minutes from July won’t be released until tomorrow and though we already know QE3 didn’t happen, investors will sift through the documentation for any hint of monetary easing in the near future. It’s been all quiet on the Euro front lately as the ECB’s “Whatever it takes” pledge has calmed the region’s sovereign debt angst. Spanish and Italian 10-year bond yields have come off record highs with Spanish yields down 22bps at 6.22%...considerably lower than the 7% seen in recent weeks. However, Greece has moved back into the headlines and threatens to upset the easy-going feeling of late. Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaris will meet with a number of Eurozone leaders this week as he pushes for an extension of the countries bailout program. Greece is looking for another two years to meet its obligations. Miners at the world’s third largest platinum producer, Lonmin, were given an ultimatum to return to work on Monday or face dismissal. The miners have been on strike since August 10. The ultimatum comes just days after a deadly confrontation between police and miners that resulted in more than 30 killed and more than 70 wounded. Platinum moved sharply higher as the violence escalated and now sits at ~$1470. Palladium also experienced a sharp move up to ~$610 but has since fallen back to the $600 level. Have a great day!
2011 September 11 National Medal

To commemorate the historic 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, the U.S. Congress authorized a unique silver medallion.  Struck by the United States Mint in a strictly limited edition, it symbolizes the courage, sacrifice, and strength of those who perished as well as those who survived.

Each official September 11 National Medal is beautifully crafted with one full ounce of solid silver.  It is even larger and heavier than a classic U.S. Silver Dollar … but it is much scarcer because it is issued in a strictly limited edition!

Order now for yourself and as thoughtful gifts for friends and family.  But don’t wait … call today, before we sell out at this amazing low price!

• The ONLY Official September 11 National Medal
• Struck by the U.S. Mint
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• Double-struck Proof quality
• Includes original U.S. Mint packaging
• Strictly limited edition – when it sells out, no more can ever be made!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Canadian Wildlife Silver Coins 5 Coins Set

Canada’s stunning wildlife silver bullion series has taken the world by storm… Each coin is a one-year only design struck in one ounce of Canada’s legendary “four nines” silver. These are the world’s purest silver coins. Each design  has a limited mintage of just 1 million coins. You will receive the Timber Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Cougar, Moose and Pronghorn Antelope coins in brilliant uncirculated condition. Each coin is encapsulated in a clear plastic holder and is housed in a custom display case that has an extra hole for the sixth and final coin in the series that will  be released in February 2013. An extension of the famous silver Maple Leaf coin program, wildlife coins are one of the few coins issued that have widespread appeal with both silver bullion investors and coin collectors.  (Sixth coin sold separately).

Price includes

· 5 Air Tight clear plastic holders to protect the coins
· Custom display case
· Five 1 oz wildlife series coins in Uncirculated condition 

Tragedy struck outside Lonmin’s Marikana mine

Platinum is up more than $50 since yesterday’s open as tragedy struck outside Lonmin’s Marikana mine. It’s unclear who fired first but the violent clash resulted in more than 30 people killed and more than 70 wounded as police confronted warring factions of South Africa’s mining unions in an attempt to disperse the crowd. Miners at Lonmin, the world’s third-largest platinum producer, have been on strike since August 10th in a wage dispute where workers are demanding $1500 a month in pay, more than double the current wage. Market activity elsewhere in the financial landscape remains muted as we head into the end of a slow trading week. The barrage of mixed economic data has investors on the risk-on/risk-off seesaw but the data hasn’t been enough to push markets significantly in either direction. Have a great day!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Housing starts fall, new permits rise and jobless claims move up

Housing starts fall, new permits rise and jobless claims move up but they’re not as bad as they look. All this mixed economic data seems to have put investor sentiment in limbo with regard to further quantitative easing by the Fed and investors look content to  sit on the sidelines and wait till a clearer picture of central bank action starts to form…probably until Jackson Hole. Housing starts fell 1.1% in July, a sharp change in direction from June However, new construction permits were up 6.8%, the highest since the latter half of 2008! Jobless claims for the week ending Aug.11 rose by just 2,000 claims but if you look deeper the four-week moving average actually dropped by 5,500. European stocks are nearing 5-month highs as the possibility of a Greek exit doesn’t seem to be worrying the markets. Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa indicated the door was open for more monetary easing but stopped short of saying that it was certain to be used. All of this has dampened hopes of any monetary action in the near term and so the remainder of the week is shaping up to be a slow grind. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It seems market momentum has stalled

It seems market momentum has stalled as mixed economic data and more Eurozone angst, this time out of Greece, has tipped investor sentiment away from the QE crutch that many are hoping to lean on. With U.S. benchmarks at 4-month high’s growth assets failed to advance any further and markets across the financial landscape barely moved after Tuesday’s trading session. The newest economic data stateside showed consumer prices remained flat in July but with last month’s retail sales data coming in better-than-expected hopes for further Fed action seem to be waning. It doesn’t help that China, the world’s #2 economy, doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to defibrillate its own economy despite evidence of slowing growth. Greece has jumped back into the Eurozone spotlight as the country looks to be seeking a two-year extension of its austerity program as it struggles to stabilize its fragile economy. This recent development has sparked new concerns of a “Grexit” with some believing the country will bid adieu to the Eurozone as early as next month. Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Upbeat economic data from both Europe and the U.S

Generally upbeat economic data from both Europe and the U.S. have injected some optimism into the markets this morning but underlying investor sentiment remains cautious as long-term solutions to the world’s economic problems remain elusive. French and German second-quarter GDP numbers were better than expected. However, the euphoria was short-lived as the composite Eurozone GDP was reported to have shrank by .4% year-on-year highlighting the issues that the region still faces in bringing struggling economies out of economic despair. U.S. economic data was good but not too good as to impede the notion of inevitable central bank action in the near future. U.S. retail sales data was the best it’s been since the first quarter, increasing .8% in July while producer prices were up .3%. Platinum looks to be the winner in the precious complex this morning as the white metal touched as high as $1410  and is now at $1398…up more than $10 from yesterday’s close of $1386 . Gold is struggling to hold the $1600 mark while silver is reaching for the $28 level. Have a great day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

According to Wikipedia, the Dog Days (Read: Dog Days of Summer) were believed to be an evil time when “the Sea boiled, the wine turned sour, dogs grew mad, and all other creatures became languid; causing to man, among other diseases, burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies”- Brady’s Clavis Calendaria, 1813. Add to that, high blood pressure, stress, stomach ulcers and any other malady that permeates the investment community and Brady is spot on. While the Old Farmer’s Almanac says the Dog Day’s should have ended on Saturday it looks like they’ll persist at least until the extended Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. - from a financial market standpoint- as more indications of a global economic slowdown and sovereign debt fears keep things interesting. Japan, the world’s #3 economy, released data  today showing that GDP grew at a dismal pace of just .3% in the second quarter. Meanwhile, the mercury is  rising in Europe, along with Spanish and Italian bond yields that continue to hover at unsustainable levels making potential bailouts for both countries seemingly inevitable. Italy’s debt load is said to be 123% of output, second only to Greece in the euro region. There are no economic reports on tap for today and earnings season is coming to a close so expect the week to start off with light trading volumes as investors ponder what to do next ahead of the next central bank meetings. Have a great day!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

1873 dime sells for a pretty penny: $1.6 million

An 1873 dime from Carson City, Nev., is displayed on Friday, Aug. 10, 2012, in Philadelphia. The dime sold at auction for $1.84 million. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

PHILADELPHIA — A dime made in 1873 has cost someone a pretty penny: It sold for $1.6 million at auction.
An anonymous bidder won the pristine coin, said Chris Napolitano, president of Stack's Bowers Galleries, which auctioned it during an American Numismatic Association convention. With a 15 percent buyer's fee tacked on, the final price for the coin was $1.84 million, he said.
The rare coin was minted in Carson City, Nev., during a one-day run of dimes.
"Generally speaking, in the coin auction business, you might get a couple of people fighting each other" as they bid, he said Friday. "On this one, we had four or five buyers over a million dollars. We had a fair amount of buyers pursuing it."
The 1873-CC "No Arrows" Liberty Seated dime was auctioned Thursday night. It's part of the Battle Born Collection, which contained one of every coin struck in Carson City before the mint there closed in 1893.
All 111 pieces were auctioned off Thursday night, fetching a total of nearly $10 million.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lock your price in now for September delivery.

Westminster Mint will be amongst the first to deliver these stunning new silver bullion coins. Bullion buyers can take advantage of the current low price of silver and lock their price in today for mid-September delivery.

We also carry the four previous designs: Timber Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Cougar and Moose. With a maximum mintage of just one million coins per design, wildlife coins are in “High Demand” Coin collectors should ask about certified coins in MS69 and MS70 condition. Prices can also be locked in today for premium quality First Release coins!

The Pronghorn Antelope is the fifth coin released in a six coin series of silver bullion coins with a wildlife theme. The design by Canadian artist Emily S. Damstra, shows a Pronghorn Antelope whose habitat ranges from southern Alberta and Saskatchewan to the central and western United States, as well as the Baja Peninsula and parts of Northern Mexico, the Pronghorn is a true North American symbol of the abundant native wildlife still found on our continent. In keeping with the previous four coins in this series only one million coins have been authorized.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

World’s #2 economy slowing to the lowest levels in quite some time.

Chinese economic data released overnight showed industrial production in the world’s #2 economy slowing to the lowest levels in quite some time. Not only did factory output grow by just 9.2% in July but inflation eased to just 1.8%, the lowest in roughly two and a half years. The downbeat economic data doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise but has reinforced belief that further stimulus measures from the PBoC may not be far behind. U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly dropped by 6,000 to 361,000 filings last week. That’s better than the more pessimistic forecast of an increase to 375,000 filings. While jobs data is not exactly helping the cause for further U.S.  Fed stimulus, the fact that quarterly earnings are expected to grow just .9% can’t be ignored by the U.S. economic brain trust. Have a great day!



The United States Mint has a tradition of offering special limited-edition coin sets to American Eagle Coin collectors. The American Eagle Silver and Gold Programs, launched in 1986, are among the United States Mint’s most popular. The 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set is an exquisite collection that captures the essence and beauty of these cherished coins. This set -- one American Eagle Silver Proof Coin and one American Eagle Silver Reverse Proof Coin minted at the United States Mint at San Francisco -- is a testament to the fine, exacting craftsmanship that has been a United States Mint hallmark since 1792.

A special feature of this elegant two-coin set is the coin featuring a “reverse proof” finish.  Reversing the mirror-like background finish of a traditional proof coin and applying it to the design elements of the coin achieves a magnificent contrast.

·         This original set has a low mintage of approximately 250,000 sets.
·         This is only the eighth  time in the twenty six year history of the series a silver eagle has been  
           issued with an S mintmark
·         This is the first time a reverse Proof coin has been issued with an S mintmark

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Global markets appear to be easing off the accelerator

Global markets appear to be easing off the accelerator as investors take the opportunity to lock in some profits from a third consecutive day of gains. Underlying investor sentiment remains positive but considering sustained rallies have been the exception rather than the norm it’s only logical that traders take what they can get. The Bank of England cut growth forecasts to 2% annually over the next two years when they released their quarterly inflation report earlier today. The BoE stopped short of indicating any further stimulus measures but did reiterate the effect of tight domestic credit markets, the Eurozone debt crisis and an overall stagnant global economy on their outlook…as if that’s any surprise. Spanish benchmark 10-year bond yields have crept back towards the 7% threshold despite recent discussions of bond buying from the ECB in a “whatever it takes” attempt to stave off collapse in the region’s largest economies. However, this doesn’t seem to be worrying investors as it once did following recent  comments from world central banks that emphasized their readiness to step in if things get worse. As for economic reports today, a U.S. report on second-quarter productivity showed an increase of 1.6%. Have a great day!


2012 New Zealand 1 oz .999 Silver Taku Coin

Only 350,000 of these magnificent silver bullion Taku coins has been authorized by the country of Fiji and struck by the New Zealand Mint. The design has proven so popular with coin collectors it has left relatively few coins for silver bullion investors to acquire. The coins are struck from one ounce of .999 fine silver and have a legal tender face value of $2.00. The popular design  depicts the Hawksbill turtle, also known as the Taku, swimming along the ocean floor amidst tiny bubbles.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The risk switch remains in the on position

The risk switch remains in the on position as growth-sensitive assets attempt to keep the rally going following last week’s better than expected jobs numbers in the U.S. and comments from the ECB regarding a regional bond buying program. Germany’s support for the ECB’s purchase of Spanish and Italian bonds -in hopes of bringing bond yields to a more reasonable level- has given investors a renewed sense of optimism that a collapse of  the peripheral economies can be avoided. Thursday’s reporting of key economic data from the world’s #2 economy, China, will play an important role in determining if the party continues or whether fears of further global economic malaise seep back into the investor psyche. Have a great day!

Heraeus Silver

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Monday, August 6, 2012

The 163,000 jobs added in July gave investors something to cheer about

The 163,000 jobs added in July gave investors something to cheer about at the end of last week and, for the most part, has them upbeat heading into this week. July’s numbers were better than the expected 95,000 forecasted and the largest uptick in jobs in the past five months. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate moved a notch higher to 8.3% leading many to speculate that further monetary easing by the Fed is not off the table…especially after it was made clear that the unemployment rate is a key focus point for the Fed in determining the need for further monetary action in the future. With little in the way of economic reports to kick off the week the focus will move overseas to the Eurozone. With the absence of any tangible road map for the region, following last week’s ECB meeting, discussions surrounding a bond buying program have been able to support investor sentiment. Spanish and Italian 10-year bond yields have eased off record highs but remain at levels far above comfortable (Spain at 6.79% and Italy at 6.02%). Have a great day!

History of the Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most popular and most beautiful of all classic United States coins.  First minted in 1878, it was a coin that was connected with the “Wild West.”  It was struck with silver from the Comstock Lode in Nevada (the most famous and most successful silver strike in American history), and it was respected everywhere because of its large size and large amount of silver.  It also became known as a “cartwheel” because of its large size.

The coin was named for its designer, U.S. Mint engraver George T. Morgan. The obverse portrays Lady Liberty wearing a slave’s cap (an ancient symbol of freedom), a ribbon inscribed with the word “Liberty,” and cotton and wheat as a tribute to America’s agricultural heritage.  The reverse features an American eagle holding both the olive branch of peace and arrows of war.

Morgan was originally from England.  He studied with the most renowned English engravers of the era before coming to Philadelphia to work for the U.S. Mint.  He claimed that the model for Lady Liberty was a statue in a Philadelphia museum, but it was soon revealed that the model was, in
fact, a Philadelphia teacher.  When the truth became known, the teacher lost her job – because being an artist’s model was considered “immoral”!

Each Morgan Silver Dollar contains over 3/4-ounce of pure American silver. The coins were struck from 1878 to 1904 and again in 1921.  They were struck at five different U.S. Mints:  Philadelphia (no mint mark), San Francisco (“S” mint mark), New Orleans (“O”), Carson City (“CC”), and Denver (“D”). Ironically, the Carson City coins are among the rarest despite the Mint being just a few miles from the Comstock Lode.  The Denver Mint opened in 1906, so the Denver coin was made only 1921.  The mint mark on coins struck at branch mints is located on the reverse, under the center of the wreath.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

If you were surprised that the Federal Reserve didn’t enact further

If you were surprised that the Federal Reserve didn’t enact further stimulus measures to combat a sluggish economy you were in the minority. Overall, markets were seemingly unfazed as The U.S. economic brain trust stopped short of unveiling any support mechanisms following their two-day meeting. The Fed did concede that the economy has “decelerated” but indicated only that they will continue to monitor economic data for further proof that the economy needs help…which has some believing the Fed may have run out of ideas. Nonetheless, investors shifted focus overseas to the ECB to see if ECB President Mario Draghi could deliver on his promise of doing “whatever it takes” to save the euro. After keeping interest rates at .75% the European Central Bank did little more than say “we’re working on it!” as they announced plans-to-draw-up-plans to buy bonds of distressed countries like Spain and Italy. The lack of immediate action has markets under pressure in early trading but could we really have expected a cure-all solution after a 1-day meeting? Initial jobless claims, and job cuts were released today but nobody seemed to care. Factory orders are on tap for 10:00 am EST but good or bad it probably won’t budge the Fed. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

As we await the results of the first of two important central bank meetings

As we await the results of the first of two important central bank meetings there is yet more economic data, both domestically and abroad, to chew on. The Federal Reserve will conclude its two-day meeting with a policy decision at 2:15 pm EST today with many investors anticipating some form of economic stimulus to get the U.S. economy back on track…or at least somewhere closer to the track. Meanwhile, payroll firm ADP reported that the private sector tagged on another 163,000 in July, better than expected but nothing to write home about. U.S. government jobs data, the more important figure, will be released on Friday. Manufacturing and construction spending data will be released at 10:00 am and may or may not support the hopes of impending Fed action. In the broader global economic picture, Chinese Government PMI data showed the world’s #2 economy is expanding at a snail’s pace falling from 50.2 to 50.1..just above the threshold of contraction. The precious metals complex is under a bit of pressure ahead of the Fed announcement with gold having just fallen below $1600 (down .75%) and platinum off more than 1.5%. Have a great day!

Morgan Dollars Montana Hoard

The Morgan Silver Dollar was the legendary coin of the “Wild West.”  Coveted by outlaws, gamblers, and pioneers alike, it was the largest silver coin of its era. And nowhere was the Morgan Silver Dollar more treasured than in the untamed frontier lands of Montana … where the buffalo ran wild and fortunes were made with hard work and a little luck.
Century-Old Hoard Uncovered!

But even the experts were shocked when news of a long-lost hoard of graceful Morgan Silver Dollars emerged from an old-time estate in Montana.  Safely hidden in a basement for generations, the hoard is one of the best ever to emerge from the “Wild West.”  This could be the last Silver Dollar hoard of its kind, and we were fortunate to secure the very best coins.  Still in pristine mint condition, the coins have been untouched since the day they were carefully set aside as long ago as the late 1800’s.

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