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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Certified American Buffalo Gold Coins – First Strike and Early Releases

Certified American Buffalo Gold Coins – First Strike and Early Releases

American gold Buffalo coins are mass produced by the United States mint on a commercial production line. These coins are struck for purchase primarily by gold bullion investors who seek a convenient low cost means of owning gold bullion for investment. The advantages of ownership include a net weight and purity guarantee by the United States Government. Not all coins are created equally and some coins have a better strike, luster and surfaces than others. Select coins with superior eye appeal and perfect or near perfect surfaces are very popular and very valuable in the collector market.

Often these select high quality coins command high premiums and are valued based on their condition, rarity and low certified population in addition to their gold content. The current and future value of any collectible coin is predicated on the size and depth of the collector base interested in ownership of the coins. American gold Buffalo coins certified in the premium grades M69 and MS70 have a large and affluent following. In addition to a large and established collector base more than 2,000 coin and bullion dealers are actively trading in these coins. Soon after a coin is released and before it is mishandled or mistreated is the best time to get a high grade certified coin. For this reason PCGS certified First Strike and NGC Early Release coins are popular with collectors. The term First Strike or Early Release refers to coins sent in to a coin grading service within the first 30-days of release. It does not mean they are better or a higher grade than other coins certified MS69 or MS70 but it does make them slightly more marketable. Prices for these coins vary from dealer to dealer we recommend you shop around.

The chart below is taken from information provided by PCGS and NGC and shows the official certified population of the 2008 American Gold Buffalo and the Official price guide. This is provided for informational purposes only.

Description Service Grade Population Price

2008 $50 Gold Buffalo NGC MS69 6,977 $1,290
2008 $50 Gold Buffalo PCGS MS69 6,831 $1,345
2008 $50 Gold Buffalo NGC MS70 7,468 $1,590
2008 $50 Gold Buffalo PCGS MS70 1,584 $1,700
October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silver containing wound dressing launched


Silver containing wound dressing launched into $15 billion global market
In yet another medical application for silver, Advanced Medical Solutions has launched a silver-containing wound dressing for the global woundcare market.Author: Lawrence WilliamsPosted: Tuesday , 27 Oct 2009

British specialist technology company, Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS), which supplies the $15 billion global woundcare market with advanced woundcare dressings and tissue adhesives for wound closure has announced a new silver-containing dressing. This has already been launched in the U.S. and is being introduced into the European and other international markets this month.

Systagenix Wound Management, the marketing and distribution partner for AMS's fibre-based silver alginate technology, has expanded its existing anti-microbial wound dressings offering with the introduction of AMS's SILVERCEL Non-Adherent Hydro-Alginate Dressing.

The company notes that silver is widely recognized as a safe and effective broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent for infection control.

In 2003, AMS developed a range of wound dressings whereby silver fibers were incorporated into its proprietary calcium alginate technology which allows a controlled and sustained release of silver into the wound without compromising the performance of the base alginate - a natural wound dressing derived from seaweed. The global silver alginate market is currently estimated at around $350 million and growing at 15% per annum.

The new wound dressing should also have application in the military market as well as for accident applications and demonstrates the growing usage for silver in medical applications as noted on Mineweb last month - see Perfect storm for silver brewing as antibiotics substitute--Silver Institute Such medical usage is one of the growing new markets for silver, and while it may take a long time to replace the losses from the switchover to digital from film in the photographic sector, it is becoming a significant market for the sector.

Monday, October 12, 2009

What a great deal!

What a great deal!

I was in the offices of a major coin and bullion dealer to pick up some better date Morgan silver dollars from the GSA hoard, VAM coins and to negotiate on some PAMP platinum.

I casually mentioned that I had an interest in American silver eagles dated 2001- 2005. “Yes I have a few” said the dealer, who pressed a few buttons on his calculator and gave me his price. $2.25 over spot! Returning to my car it struck me that anyone can buy silver eagles through our website for up to $2.00 over spot and here I was a major player in the industry being quoted $2.25 over spot by a dealer who thought he was giving me a good deal.