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Monday, March 21, 2016

The world is constantly changing. Some changes are good some not so good.

The world is constantly changing. Some changes are good some not so good. But the goal should always be to become better people. To discard selfish ways and bring peace into the world. It is avarice for power, wealth and pleasure that is the true destroyer of all that is good and constantly keeps this world in fits of pain and suffering. It is possible to bring pace but until all peoples see each other as a precious gift to the world that should be cared for conflict will always exist. No government can legislate peace, all that have made claim to that power have always oppressed their people with violence, punishment and poverty. It is the hearts of mankind that must change and in our current society that is no easy task but it is not impossible. For gold, its upward trajectory seems to have lost steam and a shout to the upside is looking almost impossible this week, well at least improbable unless some supportive news were to come out. US Stock market strength is keeping any upward moves depressed for gold. The white precious metals are holding much better but still are looking more like they are consolidating and some hoping before the next upward move. For the PGMs the news that China’s car sales were lower than expected is also keeping them from any major spike. This week we should see a lot of choppy trading during the Christian celebration of Holy Week and on Good Friday many markets and countries are closed for the holiday.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yesterday’s ISM Manufacturing PMI and Construction Spending sure looked like positive figures

Yesterday’s  ISM Manufacturing PMI and Construction Spending sure looked like positive figures and along with what was considered surprisingly good auto sales gave a boost to the much maligned palladium price. But something is still amiss as the New York ISM reported down and fresh buying continues to flow into the GLD. It appears though that this may be more about Euro Zone weakness than just gold strength as the US Dollar strengthens as well. Technically it’s going to take a jump over 1250 before gold will trend to higher prices and silver will of course follow on that event as well. Palladium today is struggling to hold on and again has come under pressure. The world is always in turmoil and prices will gyrate around the news. Imagine if the news is that more people discarded the Gollum in their hearts. I am sure the economies around the globe would grow much better as liquidity of cash would flow and growth would come back since it is stymied by greed and self-concern of those that restrict capital flows.